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15 Best Online Domain Name Generator Tools

In this article we are going to list out some of the best web-tools out there that will help you generate or pick out quality domain names. A must read for all those who are looking to start a new blog or a website and are clueless about choosing a name for the same.

Domain name are integral part of a website, be it new or a established one. You got to be very wise while choosing the name for a website. And in case if you are a newbie and are not too familiar with the standard naming norms and other stuff, the domain name generators are something that can help you. There are plenty of them out there today, acting as very powerful web-tools that can help you generate tens and hundreds of quality names in a matter of few minutes. Here we are listing out the 15 best domain name generators that will be handy whenever you plan to start a blog or a website of your own. We have listed the tools according to their popularity in decreasing order that is the one that is most popular comes [Based on Alexa Ranking] first followed by the lesser popular ones:


domainsbot logo
Domainsbot is a popular tool and known for it’s decent domain name generating ability. It also comes with the feature of Domain name lookup i.e. getting details and information about the domain such as the date the domain was booked, the owner details and other contact details.
It helps you find domain names according to the:
  • 11 top TLD Extensions
  • Use of Synonyms
  • Use of Keywords, Suffix and Prefix
  • Premium Names
It is a decent name generator but as far as the number of options and features are concerned, I wouldn’t rate it as the best.


namestation logo
Namestation is quite new when seen in terms of it’s other competitors, but clearly this is the tool that every webmaster or a newbie should crave for when he/she is looking to find quality and branded domain names. A favourite of mine as well. It comes in 2 version – the free and the paid one.
  • Supports over 80 TLDs and has got over 20 various tools to extract names
  • Generate Short Web 2.0 domains and Multi-Language Support
  • Over 50000 hand-picked available domains.
  • A chance to win cash prize by winning competitions suggesting names to others
  • Brainstorming, Name Templates and Compounds
  • Word Lookup, Related Words and Alliterations
  • Combine, Blend and overlap
  • Random Names and Bulk Search


bustaname logo
Bust a Name has been in business since the last six years helping people to generate domain names. Another fine tool. It also comes with the feature of Quick Domain Check. Let’s check out what it offers.
It helps finding domain names by:
  • Combining 2/3 Words
  • Suffix and prefix
  • Check with Hyphens
  • Pluralize Nouns
  • Drop Last Vowel
  • Domain Extensions
  • Brandable Name Generator


Just another tool with not many features. Should be considered an ordinary one as compared to namestation and the others. But is trusted by many users worldwide.
Helps you find domain names according to:
  • Primary Word
  • Secondary Words
  • Rhyme


panabee logo
Panabee is a domain name cum business name generator. Another very useful stuff that they have got it: “App Name Availability” that helps you find useful names for the apps that you build on the various smartphone platform including Android and Apple. I loved the way their website is designed consisting of many physics elements. It a decent tool as well which can be quite useful for naming needs. Even their features seem promising:
  • Suggestions, Related Terms
  • Nultiple alternatives
  • App Name Availability
  • International Domains
  • No Domain Theft
  • Social Media Word Association


domizeWithout wasting much time, let’s look at the tools that they offer:
  • Finding bulk names from a given webpage URL
  • Dictionary and Adjective
  • Rhyming and Regex Words
They have recently refurbished they website adding more powerful features.


Dot-o-mator logo
Like Nameboy, even Dot-o-mator is not the very best of the tools when it comes to generating domain names. What really caught my sight was the “Web 2.0 Name Generator” tab. When I opened it, the way the tool performed looked very kiddish. All that you need to do is to keep pressing the “Generate Name” button and it generates names out of which over 95% of them are either taken or the word makes no sense. Time to move onto the next one.
They have also released their app on the iPhone platform. All the interested iPhone users can check it out if interested.


namechk logo
Before we get onto the features, let me make it clear that this tool mainly emphasis on finding out used/new usernames on the various social networking platforms. It also does helps create new domains, but feature is a secondary one. It is a simple tool. All that you got to do is to enter any name that you desire and hit the “chk” button. You will be presented with the page that shows the social platforms where the name is available and where it has already been taken. On the top, it also suggests the domain TLDs that are available for that particular name. Quite a different one as compared to the above ones, check it out if you are eager enough.


leandomainsearch logo
Lean Domain Search is tool that helps you create names based on the word that you enter. It hasn’t got too many features. They also have the pricing system, i.e. you have to pay a certain fee to browse names after a certain number of searches. For the limited features that the website offers, paid system is not something that would be appreciated. Of late they have included a new section named “Brandable” where one new domain name is added to the list for every one hour.


domainhole logo
Domainhole is a tool that comes with the most number of features after Namestation that we wrote about previously. They have sticked to their tagline – “Find a great Domain”. Here are some of their features based on which domains can be produced:
  • Expired Names
  • Spinner
  • Instant check
  • Brainstormer
Another good feature that they offer is “Domain Alert”. They help you acquire a domain that you wish to own but is owned by else body. When a domain is dropped and becomes available, they will notify you.
They have also got their app for the iPhone and iPad. Ah, why doesn’t anybody bother  building such apps for the Android platform.


namestall logo
Namestall is a fine domain suggestion tool that along with generating domain names also helps one find brand names for their businesses. An innovative tool which is a close competitor to namestation I must tell.  Comes packed with loads of tools and here they are:
  • Brand Name Generator
  • High Paying Keywords
  • Dictionary Domain Names and Bulk Name Search
  • Domain Hack and Rhyming names
  • Domain Name Brainstorm and WhoIs lookup


Wordoid Logo
A domain suggestion tool with a tiny robotic kind of a logo, Wordoid is a tool that helps one dig names in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Other than the language part, the number of other feature are very limited and more or less the same that we saw in the above tools. Still, there are many takers for this tool hence it has been listed in a decent position.


Domainnamesoup Logo
DomainNameSoup is a modest tool for digging out domain names. They have got some options using which searching domains can be searched. This is one tool that most people use for finding short names consisting of just the 3,4,5,6 letters in it. Let’s have a look at the features:
  • Premium Domain Name and Cool Domain Name
  • Business Domain Names and Domain Name Mangle
  • Multiple Choices for any word that make up a domain name
  • Thesaurus to find alternative words
But I wasn’t too satisfied with the way results were being displayed – most of the domains didn’t actually make sense. The domains were generated just for the sake of it.


randomainer logo
I believe Randomainer to be a associate with Namestation. But I wouldn’t zero in on that without much evidence. What made me think so was the linking to Namestation from the Randomainer homepage. A very simple and a clean website, the only feature that it boasts about is “I’m Feeling Lucky” that helps you find the closest available name to the one that you browse for. It also helps you pick out premium domains.


impossibility logo
The image for this website might look plain. Sorry about that, they have put up no logo. That shouldn’t really matter, should it? Impossibility doesn’t offer too many features as we have seen in the earlier tools. Here, you have to just enter the target name and set the way adjectives would be added to the name. Very much plain and unsophisticated. I have used it previously and found it somewhat cool.

Well then, these were some of the best domain naming tools for you. Don’t be too confused about which one to go for, but trust me, the top 5 are truly the best ones and also the most reliable ones. Do try them out and let us know through the comments – Which tool helped you find a quality name and served you well?


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